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Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Nature Table

 In my post about our late autumn nature table, I wrote about how our nature table reflects what we are doing in homeschool lessons as well as the change of the seasons.  In December, our nature table began to change once again. The bear went into hibernation, the autumn leaves blew away and we looked toward the light as the daylight shrank from the longer nights.
During the holidays, our nature table reflected our reverence for the Christ child.

As we moved into January, Jack Frost froze the land and snow came.  Our table now reflects some of the literature we are reading, including The Tomten and the Fox, Owl Moon, and Night Tree.

The Tomten, the fox, and the owl have come for a visit.

As the season move toward spring, the table will be filled with found treasures that once filled little boys' pockets, mostly twigs and pebbles, until Mrs. Thaw comes and snowdrops bloom inviting a nature table overflowing with little flowers.


  1. Hi Lynn!
    I am now following you too in friendship! Thank you for your lovely visit and for following me .
    I look forward to our visits!
    I love your blog and your nature table is precious! It made me smile...what a wonderful idea! Your children must love it...how expressive it is!
    I see that you are a homeschooler! Isnt it wonderful? I homeschooled my daughter for 4 years and they were the best years!
    We have alot to share! Have a wonderful day Lynn..so happy to meet you ;)

    All my heart,


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