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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Purposeful word of the year...

Last year I began a new tradition to pick a purposeful word to focus on throughout the year.  The word for 2012 was "Embrace."  Little did I know that around the bend were days of joy and delight, and sadness and grief to be embraced.  Of course, the days of joy and delight were easy to take in and own as mine to embrace, the days of sadness and grief, not so much.  But I did it with a faith that was at times blind to what lay ahead.  My mother and sister made me a wonderful collage to remind me to daily embrace my life.

For 2013, my focus word is "Simplicity".

Why simplicity?  In a world that is often chaotic, simplicity is what I want to find in my own life.  I thought about "simplify" but once I had simplified my life, then what?  I do not want another thing to do but another way to live life.  With simplicity as my goal, I will be mindful of what I have, what I let into my sphere of influence, and how I do what I do as a wife, parent, homeschool teacher, park ranger, friend, etc. To me, simplicity does not mean that I have to live a boring lifestyle. Simplicity will  free me from spinning my wheels trying to deal with complexity and chaos, and in turn, open more time and energy for me to be truly present and delight in life.  In the long run, simplicity will bring me to a lifestyle with more intentional behavior and clarity that in itself is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Surely, in time, this effort for simplicity will spread out to my family and our bonds will strengthen and wonderful memories will be made and cherished.  That really makes me look forward to 2013!

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