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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovely Loved Ones Garland & Valentine Archives

  When a holiday comes around, one of the first things I think is "What crafty thing am I going to make?"  With Valentine's Day in mind, I began contemplating what to do with my fireplace mantel and perused my archives for crafty goodness and found some oldies but goodies. (Click on the photo to see more.)
as well as Beeswax Hearts,
heart shaped Surprise Soap
& heart Watercolor Garland

as well as Valentine Beeswax Candles
& an Inspiration Garland

Can I leave it at that? Nooooo.  More craftiness must be done. So...

Today we made People We Love Garland

The supplies are easy to find: photos, ribbon, scissors, exacto knife, and a heart template.  We used cookie cutters.

If you want to do more than your immediate family but cannot find
photos of the ones you love, try facebook, where you can usually
find photos of distant family and friends.

Simply trace & cut out hearts around your loves face then cut a slightly larger heart out of construction paper or scrapbook paper.  To glue it on, I used a water/glue mix & applied it with a paintbrush so there would not be any goopy bumps.  Cut a slit at the edge of each heart with your exacto knife then thread the ribbon through.  (I found it easiest to use a plastic cross-stitch needle.)

This one is a gift to a family member far away. Each person will sign
their name on the back of their heart sending love and well wishes.

There you have it. 

A garland of Lovely Loved Ones.


  1. What a great project idea!! Love it!

  2. awww that is sooo sweet!!! I love it & might have to do that all around my place (& hey, it'd fit in my car too ;-)


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