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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Out and About in All Kinds of Weather

In the past, I picked a purposeful word for the new year. This year, however, I kept it simple: hike/walk year-round. My ultimate goal is to help my children experience the seasons and how they affect nature.

Here is our first walk of the new year on our local rails-to-trails path.

Sometimes the walks are just myself and our new dog, Buddy.  I love how a morning walk starts my day off in a calm breath-of-fresh-air way. Buddy loves to sniff his way as we pass the farmland.
We had a small dusting of snow last night.  My youngest was
thrilled. On our walk this morning, Buddy was just as happy.

And just as happy to get warm.
So what are your goals for this year?  Do they include outdoor activities?

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