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Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring Those Who Came Before

This Veterans Day we hang our flag outside, look at Grandpa T's military career scrapbook, and make special star ornaments. All the while we talk about our military veterans and wonder what our lives would be like without them. I tell my young sons stories about their grandfather, my dad, who joined the military during World War II and served as a Marine in Korea and Vietnam.

We talk about how he loved the flag because at times, in the trenches, it was the only thing that gave him hope, or about how he made friends with villagers showing kindness to the young and old alike. Sometimes we simply look at the photos and I ponder what life events made up the man I lovingly call Father, Dad, and Daddy - an amazing example of a man inviting God to mold him into a man of great strength and humble tenderness even unto his own death.  These are life lessons I share with my sons this Veterans Day.   Life lessons of honor.

This effort at honoring those who have gone before is year round, including Memorial Day. Last year we made red poppies to wear. Read the post here for the tutorial.

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