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Friday, November 1, 2013

Creative Learning on Friday #19

Welcome back to another week of creative learning.  Here in central PA we had a windy and rainy morning and now this afternoon, the sun is out and the fall colors are brilliant. I am at work today staying busy telling visitors about the founding of our nation, but in the bits of down time, I am excited about an upcoming field trip to Mount Vernon.  I will share about it here in a few weeks.

Last week at Creative Learning, April, from April's Homemaking, shared a delightful story about Lichka, a young girl whose good deeds are unexpectedly rewarded.  I encourage you to follow April's 52 Weeks of Fairy Tales - a wonderful compilation of stories to tell our young ones that enrich their lives.

What creative learning have you been a part of this week?

Creative Learning on Friday


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