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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Bugs Series: Ladybugs

Welcome back to another post in our Summer Bugs series.  After dragonflies, we went on to study ladybugs. It just so happens we found one in our house the day we began our lessons, a rare surprise where our insect visitors tend to be moths and spiders.

The Ladybug Lady website had all the coloring pages, pictures, and ladybug facts we could want.

The UK Woodland Trust NatureDetectives site has many, many fun ways to help children interact with nature including ladybug (ladybird in the UK) games, information, and id sheets.  Well worth a visit.

Join Project Noah.  A wonderful resource where people submit photos and information on everything from aphids to zebras.  The submissions are wonderful!

Find ladybug lesson plans from the Lost Ladybug Project.
Learn a bit from National Geographic
Fill in  a ladybug lifecycle worksheet or make a ladybug minibook.

We also found some fun books at our library about ladybugs:

Ladybug encounters many predators while hunting for food and searching for a winter home. Ladybug's bright red coloring helps to keep her safe, while she looks for food for the long winter ahead.

This is a great educational spiral-bound book that explores the life cycle of the ladybug and the world of insects, and includes transparent pages that reveal the ladybug life cycle.
Another great book to learn about the ladybug life cycle.
I had intended to have the boys paint black rocks to look like ladybugs and use them as paperweights, but it we never managed to do it. *sigh*
Next, we are moving on to butterflies...

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