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Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Bugs - Butterflies


Welcome back to another installment in our Summer Bugs series.  This time around we studied butterflies. 
We were thrilled to have an indoor butterfly garden.  When our caterpillars arrived in the mail, we began our watching and waiting. About five days later, they formed their chrysalis.  We pinned the cloth holding the chrysalis in the protected netting area and just four days later our beautiful butterflies emerged.  Our neighbor was so kind to let us feed the butterflies from their butterfly bush.  After 3 days of observing our winged friends, we released them and they took flight toward our willow tree.  It was fascinating for everyone in the family to watch this transformation.  Such a wonder!
As in our previous bug studies, we found delightful books to read:
A delightful way to learn about the butterfly lifecycle with beautiful illustrations! It also includes tips in how to attract butterflies to your children's garden.

In this book an incredible variety of butterflies are celebrated in all of their beauty and wonder with lovely detailed illustrations.

For a fun recycle craft, visit my previous post on Paper Butterflies.

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