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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Sister, My Friend

Today, my younger sister left for home after spending a week at our house. We had such a wonderful time together! One day we had High Tea with my mom and youngest son and enjoyed tasty morsels and wonderful tea, another day, we met with my neice and her two little boys at Longwood Gardens and reveled in the lovely flowers welcoming spring.

She is a fun nanny to two girls and a superb crafter, so I introduced her to some Waldorf-inspired crafts:

Our Saint Patrick Peg People

Beautiful Paper Stars

Star Lantern Aglow

Her Welcome Sign

My boys love her so much that they call her "Grand" Patti - a step above "Aunt" Patti.

We are not only close sisters, but good friends, despite an 8 year difference. We finish each other's sentences and sound so much alike that as infants my boys turned their heads in her direction when she spoke, thinking it was me. Don't even try to beat us in charedes! We both dream of travel, art, and heaven. We are both lovers of nature, books, and classical music.

I am blessed to have such a delightful life-long friend whom I call "sister."


  1. I had so much fun making crafts and loved being around my family! :-)


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