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Monday, January 12, 2015

Living Books

I trust you are all looking forward to a new year.  The past is behind and the future holds great promise. Well, it is easy to write that, now, but with major changes expected this year on the job front and in our education choices, I know I will have to work at staying positive. But more on that later.

For now, I want to share another aspect in my series on our foundations for home learning. Living Books.  While we do not often use the term "living books" - unless you are utilizing the Charlotte Mason Method - we know what they are instinctively.  They are the books that pull you in and involve more than just learning, they help you make an intellectual and emotional attachment to the subject, whether it be science, geography,history, or literature. As for children's books, they are often the ones we can read and enjoy as adults as well.

With two boys who often just want to get lessons over with so they can run outside or get their allotted video game time - *cringe* - living books often save the day. And I have found that a well-written, engaging book has the power to peak the interests of my child where I would have thought he would be bored. Case in point, for our Oak Meadow studies, my 9 year is reading Heidi, and much to my surprise, he enjoys it, although, he typically wants to read stories about boys.

For a great living books list, visit Simply Charlotte Mason, where books are listed according to grade and subject.

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