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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Secret Lessons of Tradition and Creative Learning on Friday #25

A few evenings ago, we decorated our Christmas tree.  It is one of my favorite traditions to be involved in during the holiday season.  As we hung ornaments, my mother and I told my two young sons where the ornament was made, whether it was a gift or one we purchased, and if there was a story behind the ornament, it was told with care to details and brought the moment to life. 

Amidst this fun time, these ornaments became bearers of secret lessons. As each special ornament was hung, the boys learned wonderful lessons of connection to times and people past, lessons of culture, and lessons of love. 

So many of our family traditions have at their heart the secret lessons of family heritage, spirituality, and cultural history.  I wonder what lessons your little ones absorb this time of year.

I invite your to share with us at the Creative Learning on Friday linky party.

Creative Learning on Friday

1 comment:

  1. I love hanging up the ornaments and sharing the story behind each one. We don't have any family relics or anything, but there's ones from my childhood and my mother's and of course my daughters. It's a wonderful tradition. (Your tree is beautiful, by the way!)


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