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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Bugs: Bees

This evening sees the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and to see summer off, here is the last installment of our Summer Bugs series.

These last few weeks, we learned about bees.  Big beautiful bumble bees tend to hover just outside our door where our bright lavender blooms.

Some of our favorite books included:

An easy to read little book that gives kids the facts about a bee's life.
From the perspective of a honeybee, the backyard is a busy place. A young bee faces many challenges as it takes its place in the hive and joins in the work of the bee community.

 Follow the chain reaction, and discover how important honey bees are.

Here is a great tutorial for needle felted bees from Passengers on a little spaceship.

Watch a PBS video about bees and their role in the beehive.

Here are some bee printables.

Illustrations courtesy of The Toymaker
So ends our Summer Bugs series.  Now on to new and creative learning.

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