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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Spring Break so far

A couple of months ago, I decided we needed a week-long spring break.  Aidan needs a break from studies, especially math, and I just need a break from telling him what to do all of the time. (The kid just isn't a self motivator.)  It just so happens that this is the week I chose for a break and it has been wonderful!  The weather is warm and we are all relaxed.

Yesterday we visited Fort McHenry, where we learned about "Old Glory" and Aidan began the Jr. Ranger program - more on that in another post.

Today we explored a local forest.   The boys had fun losing themselves in play.  I smiled to myself when I listened in as they pretended to be lost and later tried to sneak up on me through some brambles. After a few minutes, I heard, "Mom! Rescue us!"  (Apparently they found their way in to the brambles, but not out.  Mom to the rescue - scratched and tired but a hero to her boys after hoisting them above the thorns and on to safety. Whew!)


After a packed lunch, more exploring was to be had...

Aidan learned a little about fungus growing on the side of a fallen tree. 

And little dirty knees and new treasures for the nature table prove
to be the showing after such an adventure.

Now it is late, and the boys are sleeping soundly as a cool front moves in.  Tomorrow is a new day awaiting more grand adventures and discoveries.

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  1. My kids love the outdoors :) Glad spring is finally warming up for you. We are in the start of Autumn now, thought I'm pretty sure we've skipped it and gone straight into Winter :)


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