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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Autumn Nature Table

There was a time when our nature table was set with found treasures that filled the pockets of preschool and toddler boys after leisurely strolls.  Now that we are homeschooling, our nature table continues to change with the season and displays found treasures, but also reflects what we are learning in our lessons.

 Gone are the flowers and seashells of the summer nature table. Now, in late autumn, we have leaves and pebbles from nature study walks, half nuts used for counting, knights from our math stories, a felt bear out of his den preparing for a long hibernation, and a watercolor lantern lit for Martinmas.  Over the next few weeks, who knows what will find its way to the table.  Some gathered acorns?  A special feather? We never know what  will strike our fancy.  At any moment, a sweet child may come bringing a treasure imploring, "Mama, this has to go on the nature table!"  But one thing we know for sure...

Soon Jack Frost will arrive and our table will change again.

I've linked to the Magic Onion. Check it out for more inspiration.

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