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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A World Within a World - A Fairy Garden

During our frequent walks this summer, the boys gathered enough sticks, stones, feathers, leaves, and acorns to fill many nature tables. By August we needed a new venue for our found treasures and one of my favorite blogs, The Magic Onions, provided just the inspiration we needed: A Fairy Garden.

Truth be told, I have always been fascinated with fairies. Growing up learning fairy tales then discovering the flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker encouraged my fancy for them, so making a special place for the fairies sounded fun to me. And I had just the place for it...

Our front flower garden...

Look close and you will find a world within a world! Complete with a colorful pebble path and a tiny spinning wheel.

Nestled among the flowering White Phlox and Irish Moss is a shelter made from the bark of a London Plane Tree. A tiny lantern hangs at the entrance and a flickering light deep within beckons fairy friends.

Here the fairies build pebble monuments and leave flowers and special stones as tokens of affection.

A few steps away, near the lavender bush, they had a dance under a shimmering crystal.

An abandon nest makes a comfy bed.

Under the hastas they keep their walnut shell boats safe...

waiting for nightfall and fun in a nearby waterfall.

Tokens of esteem and affection abound for those who will look closely.

At dusk, lights welcome a host of fairies,

and two little boys who wonder...

"Are fairies real?"

My response is always the same...

"What do you think?"


  1. Just beautiful. You have thought of so many details. I remember those cute little walnut shells from my childhood. My grandma made them into beds for little pussy willow mice. We hung them on the Christmas tree.

  2. Very sweet and the boys are delicious, lovely garden. K

  3. I love how the little white lily's are looking into the nest for a sweet chat!


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