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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wool Roving & Penelope

Today, I visited West Earl Woolen Mill and stepped into wool roving heaven. There were so many colors and it was very affordable.

I have done very little needle felting before, but after feeling how soft the wool was and seeing so many lovely colors, I just had to try. I bought a rainbow of colors and set to work at making my first person. It would be a Valentine's Day present for my mom. I felt like a 5-year old bringing home a handmade craft from school - which my mom always adored and saved. This was no exception. With all it's flaws, my mom enthusiastically accepted her felted lady and named her "Penelope".

A Mother holds her children's hands a short time, but their hearts forever.

I think I will try a felted playscape next...

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