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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big Train Trip - Oregon or Bust, Part I

Yesterday, we returned from a 2-week vacation in the Pacific Northwest that included a long train trip, a wedding, family and friends, and a plane ride home.

I want to share some of the fun we had, so I will begin with the train ride.

With 2 young boys who love trains and few time constraints, we couldn't resist taking the train out to Portland, Oregon. We, 3 adults including my mom & 2 kids, packed light and boarded the train in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on the morning of October 31st. After transfers in Philadelphia and Washington DC, we made our way to our sleeper cars and rode to Chicago. We arrived in Chicago the afternoon of November 1st, changed trains again, then, in the comfort of our sleeper cars, headed out to Portland where we arrived on the morning of November 3rd.

To some, it may sound tedious, but for us it was great fun! The boys were thrilled to eat and sleep on the train and I enjoyed watching the scenery from the observation car. The boys learned to get buy with few toys & lots of paper and colored pencils while we adults left the cell phones & computers at rest. :)

We also met several nice people including families who frequently travel cross-country by rail and a man who was crocheting a hat & would show us his progress as we walked past him several times a day going from our car to the dining car or lounge.

Relaxing in the sleeper car.

Having fun in the observation car.

Some of the things we observed:

To be continued...

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